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Creative consultant: The help you need to set up a new business

When searching how to build your very own business, you can easily get overwhelmed with so much information you don't even know where to begin nor what steps to take to make sure your often-limited budget is spent efficiently, taking every aspect into account. It's like standing at the start of a labyrinth, with so many different paths ahead and a lot of pressure of choosing the right one...

Because of this, it's often that entrepreneurs consider hiring a consultant to help guide them through the process or a creative to help them define their brand.

Both consultants and creatives are seen as two very separate roles. It may seem that they do the opposite; consultants are more strategic, applying their experience to give purely business advice, whereas creatives use their skills to find a unique focus for the brand.

But why not combine them? That's a challenge we love! Bringing these two perspectives under the same umbrella to offer a unique full-service creative consultancy has more benefits than you might think...

What is a creative consultant?

A creative consultant has extensive experience in creative fields. They can apply their knowledge and skills to give your company a competitive edge in the current marketplace of your industry. A creative consultant can help in almost every aspect of your business, from industry insights, market threats and opportunities, customer trends, branding, marketing, design, content, and communication.

Creative consultants will help you identify your current issues, recognise the opportunities available to you, and advise you in ways you can excel in your business. They can also provide innovative solutions to any projects or services you want to bring into the industry.

Benefits of a creative consultant for your business

So, why hire a creative consultant? Creative consultants combine the best of both worlds; business insight with creative know-how, both guidance and action. They are also referred to as creative business consultants for this exact combination of skills.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of hiring a creative consultant for your business:

  • Organisation: Having someone organise your various ideas into groups of strategies can help to refine your vision for the business and identify the steps you want to take.

  • Listening: A creative consultant will give you their undivided attention when listening to your visions, problems, or ideas. Talking it through with an expert will provide you with a natural route to take to create solutions.

  • Workshops: They will carry out various workshops to help identify strengths, potential weaknesses, opportunities, and risks; to define your business plan, understand your audience, and shape your ideas.

  • Develop strategies: They don't just identify but deliver. Creative consultants will take your findings and apply their expertise to develop strategies specifically tailored to your business to encourage growth.

  • Experience from other companies and industries: With their extensive experience across multiple industries and companies, creative consultants can use this to your own personal advantage.

  • Out-of-the-box thinking: Often something other business consultants or marketing consultants lack, creative consultants have the perfect combination of creativity and experience to deliver unique and innovative solutions.

  • Better decision-making: They combine the strategic with the creative, avoiding the clashing viewpoints you often experience when hiring a business consultant and a creative separately.

  • Objective viewpoint: Hiring an expert outside your company will offer an objective view that will identify any elements you may have overlooked.

  • Various aspects are taken care of: Creative consultants tick off many boxes in one. They can deliver expert advice in numerous fields, from marketing, target audiences, brand identity, and design and content.

  • More bang for your buck: Thanks to their multifaceted nature, creative consultants are a much cheaper alternative to hiring both a creative and a business consultant.

Hiring a creative consultant when starting your own business

Hiring a creative consultant is particularly effective at the beginning of your business journey. From the get-go, they can give you a clear breakdown of all the risks, opportunities, and routes you need to know of to skyrocket your business.

Alternatively, a creative consultant for your small business is also a great opportunity, allowing you to get great results while saving precious time and money.

What can a creative consultant do for my business?

Creative consultants are data-oriented, combined with a visionary approach with the capability to seek innovative solutions and apply their knowledge, experience, and creativity to various aspects of your business. When you're starting a business, there's so much to think about. A creative mind can help you through the process from deciding your brand name, slogan, corporate identity, and other creative aspects to more technical things such as the best tools to use to build your business. This role can even help you hire the right people, find the best providers and redefine your business ideas to make sure they triumph.

As small business owners ourselves, we've gone through the daunting process of setting up a project in the midst of the unknown and while riding a never-ending rollercoaster of uncertainty, we have wished so often that someone would have properly guided us from the start… That's why we especially love offering this service, with the mission to help entrepreneurs and startups from beginning to end, both guiding and delivering anything they need so they don't feel alone.

Need help starting your business? Reach out and get your own Jiminy Cricket to set up your new business the right way.

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