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Who's Bob?​


As language geeks, we love idioms and our agency is named after one of our favourites: Bob’s your uncle.


This common expression means 'your success is guaranteed', 'easy peasy', 'et voilá'. For us, this means that if you put your brand in the right hands, you will succeed in the right way - as simple as that. Our name represents our promise to make your brand phenomenal. We strive to make you thrive!

Creating memorable brands since 2017

Years ago, we started to notice a pattern within the booming demand for digitalisation. Those who refused to hop on the bandwagon got lost in oblivion, and those who took advantage of the new wave often felt overwhelmed, blindly turning to specialists for help but losing a ton of money, time and energy on the way because of a lack of understanding. 


Today, this continues to happen more than ever with all the constant changes and endless amount of information, it often feels like we're on a wild goose chase wearing a blindfold! It seems like everyone knows how to write, but very few manage to get the right results.

That's why 5 years ago, we decided to create something that would allow us to do things differently.
Bob's agency was born with the dream to offer each and every one of our clients the devotion, transparency and guidance they deserve, with the challenge to take care of all their digital needs ourselves, so their brand is coherent, phenomenal and will stand the test of time!

What we stand for


Communication comes first


Putting ourselves in other's shoes. We become a part of your team offering our utmost devotion every step of the way to deliver the best for both your business and your users.

Practice makes perfect


We don't ever cut corners. Day after day, we carefully strategise and execute using our know-how, skills and tools to create the best solution for each project's specific needs.


Everyone can be extraordinary


And it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. We find the unique sparkle in every idea and optimise your digital presence so that your brand can be phenomenal at affordable prices.

How we make the magic


We've carefully perfected our workflow and methodology over the years so that we efficiently deliver the best solutions that will be yours in the drop of a hat!


1. Empathise

It all starts by observing your brand, your users, your industry and your target markets. We take the time to understand and appreciate your objectives, establishing the vision and mission you have and transforming it into an in-depth strategy that we can implement to turn your dreams into a reality.

Meet the team

We are a diverse team working remotely from different corners around the world. Here are Bob's two main pillars ready to meet you!


Clara Masip Baugh

- Founder & Wizard of light bulb moments

"My family is spread throughout the world, and English and Spanish are both my native languages. That has always shaped my identity, as I've lived and breathed the importance of culture and communication since birth. I studied graphic design and advertising before my career pivot to content writing and then mixed both passions together, diving headfirst into the world of UX from all ends. I'm an antsy pants.

Back in 2017, I founded Bob's after +12 years of corporate experience in renowned companies. Having worn many different hats in the creative spectrum and my neverending need to help others, I built a unique agency through which I could make a real impact in the digital life of brands and tell stories about solutions that matter."


I'm a language geek, eternal nostalgic and live life to the fullest!"

Holly Meikle

- Content Manager & Swiss-army knife

"As a lover of language and all things creative, becoming a content specialist was a no-brainer. Whether it's compiling a fully-developed content strategy, writing an entirely new website from scratch, or coming up with a powerhouse slogan, I always go the extra mile.

As a major empath, I am able to easily visualise the world around me and carefully take onboard our clients’ wants and needs to provide the perfect solution. That’s why I love working at Bob's Agency - it’s all about helping others become their best.

I'm a bookworm, pun master, and love a good Dad joke."




Heard it on the grapevine...

Working with Bob's is a real pleasure. From the start, Clara and her team showed genuine enthusiasm to get started on our project. 
I am also constantly surprised by their eye for detail. Clara really wants to make sure she understands every assignment, and only finishes a job when she and we are 100% happy with it.

—  Valentine Schelstraete, Product Manager at Sheetgo

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What's your brand missing?​
Bob's agency.

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