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We love words. We love tech. We love a good challenge. Let’s rock!

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It’s all about fire in the belly. 
It’s all about fire in the belly. 
It’s all about fire in the belly. 

☝️ Background. After years of corporate experience in different content positions for companies around the world, we kept facing the same patterns: a) how content is essential yet often overlooked and underrated, limiting the needed resources to do a proper job, b) we were often pushed to produce quantity over quality, skipping important steps and feeling undervalued, c) design prevailed and was dealt with separately, even though it should all be part of the same process, d) projects are often filled with shortcuts that aren't efficient nor scalable and result in a huge waste of resources. That's how we decided we wanted to do things differently.

 ✌️ Beginning. In 2017, Bob's was born with the vision to offer each one of our clients the devotion, transparency, and guidance they deserve, and the mission to create phenomenal content that will stand the test of time! For almost a decade, we've been refining our ways, constantly learning and testing to make sure we offer the very best.

 🤙 Present. Todaywe are a well-established boutique agency, combining talent with strategic partnerships, to create high-quality content solutions in the most efficient way possible. We have a long-standing, close-knit team of experts working together each day to make this happen, with agile processes, tools, and methods that have been improved over time for the perfect workflow. We’re in constant change and growth, filled with excitement and passion towards each new project that comes our way.


Crafting great content for great brands and their users since 2017


Who’s Bob?

In our mission to offer an easy solution to complex problems, Bob’s name is inspired by one of our favorite idioms: Bob’s your uncle.

This old common expression means 'your success is guaranteed', 'easy peasy', 'et voilá'. For us, this means that if you put your brand in the right hands, you will succeed in the right way - as simple as that. Our name represents our promise to make your brand phenomenal. We strive to make you thrive!

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At the core

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Content Designer & Strategist

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Copywriter & UX Writer

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Technical content writer

Strength in numbers

Aside from the core team, we collaborate with talented freelancers around the globe who give us support on different areas and specific projects — we carefully search, interview, and onboard to ensure our standard of quality is guaranteed. We also partner with other agencies to complement their team with our content expertise. Whether you need a ready-made team or a freelancer, we've got your back! Ready to collaborate?


More than words.

We are content ideators, designers, writers, architects, innovators. Our unique set of skills, background, and expertise allows us to take things one step further and offer comprehensive support across any aspect involved in your content project. Like a Swiss Army Knife, we adapt to all your needs, always going the extra mile to deliver exceptional results — we're all about wearing different hats.

Be phenomenal or be forgotten.

The world is complicated, with infinite options and constant changes, it’s so easy to get lost. Every interaction can become a meaningful relationship, or fade into oblivion 🕳️ That’s why everything we do needs investment and caring to retain its relevance and vitality. Don’t do what others are already doing, nor say what others are already saying 🥱 The key is to go beyond and raise your standards. Here’s where we come in, to help you find your unique voice and stand out. We innovate and honour your users by evoking feelings and conveying emotions. Empathy. Utility. Analysis. Love. We embrace the power of content to empower your brand, connect it with the right audience, and make a long-lasting difference. Together, let’s aim for the extraordinary 🌈


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