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Screenshots of The Crafters Lab's website, showing strong brand identity through key UI design and UX writing examples.
  • The Crafters Lab (TCL) is a software engineering agency delivering high-performance digital solutions for renowned organisations. They needed help rebuilding their digital strategy and presence so it would align with their business goals and brand values. After seeing our work with previous similar clients, they hired us to deliver a comprehensive strategy and full redesign of their website in both UX/UI and content that would attract scalable business growth.

  • 👉 Research and strategy

    • Discovery workshop: We conducted a series of collaborative workshops to define all the company pillars, including the mission, vision, values, objectives, and target audience. We shaped a dynamic digital action plan tailored to the client's goals and needs, ensuring a strategic and cohesive online presence.

    • User research: Leveraging a blend of qualitative and quantitative internal and external data, we used different methodologies, including personas, user stories, and content mining, for an in-depth study of their target audience.

    • Brand identity: We established visual materials for a memorable brand image, and defined the brand narrative and writing guidelines to ensure consistent and resonant communication across all touchpoints, setting them apart from the competition and connecting them with their target clients. 

    👉 Website design and content

    • UX design: We designed the sitemap and architecture of the website to ensure seamless navigation. We built the new wireframes to optimise the user interface for intuitive interactions.

    • UI design: We meticulously crafted a visually appealing UI design, blending minimalist yet impactful visuals that align with the updated brand identity. This not only establishes a professional and trustworthy impression but also embraces an informative and educational approach, ensuring effective communication of the client's services.

    • UX writing: We designed concise and compelling content to enhance brand awareness, communicate business value, and nurture potential leads, striking a balance between informative and emotionally resonant storytelling. We created persuasive descriptions, compelling headlines, and actionable CTAs to guide users toward booking a call.

    • Localisation: Through linguistic adaptation, cultural sensitivity, and contextual adjustments, we localised the content from English to Spanish to deliver a cohesive and authentic experience, reflecting our commitment to engaging the local audience and fostering a stronger connection with the brand. 

  • 🎯 Strategic foundations

    The content foundations we built offer a holistic approach that ensures that every aspect of the agency's communication aligns cohesively with its strategic goals, fostering a stronger brand identity and setting the stage for sustained growth.

    🌈 Improved online presence

    We delivered a new website design and content in English and Spanish, with an improved customer journey and overall user experience, maximising leads and conversions, as well as brand authority. This has established a strong online presence, fostering brand credibility and attracting a more engaged user base.





Software development, Agency


Content strategy, Content design, UX writing, UX/UI design, Localisation

" Working with Bobs was a great experience and an oportunity to reflect upon our goals and improve our branding and communication. We definitely recommend them for branding, design and content purposes. "

Àlvar Perez

Co-founder at TCL

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