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Mockups of Taxfix’s main website, including graphic design, brand tone of voice, actionable content and important microcopy.
  • Taxfix is an innovative app offering a fast, secure, and affordable way for users to complete their tax returns from wherever and whenever they choose, with the support of tax experts, all in one place.

    After becoming a huge success in Germany, France, and Italy, the fast-growing German startup decided to enter the Spanish market in 2022, for which they hired us to take care of all their content needs throughout the process, build the content foundations and give support to the product and marketing teams. This was a seasonal collaboration in which we successfully contributed to the market launch, and then, a year later, we were asked to return to apply real-time data and continue its growth.

    • Content strategy: We created market-specific writing guidelines as the foundation for all the content around the new branch, ensuring quality and consistency while speaking the users' language. We established best practices per channel and created a set of content resources for a streamlined and scalable content process. 

    • Content marketing: We gave support to the marketing team by creating content for the email campaigns, banners, paid ads, newsletters, and other strategic content materials to announce the launch, attract new customers, and generate sales.

    • Content design: We created the content for the landing page, including engaging headlines and actionable CTAs, for lead generation, brand awareness, and conversions. We gave support to the UX team by studying the users and designing content and microcopy for the app. After a year of gathering real-life data, we refined the content for several touchpoints within the user journey.

    • Graphic design: Midway through the collaboration, when the marketing team found out that we also offered design, they hired us to take care of all the marketing needs, creating both content and design. We had a writer and graphic designer working hand in hand, and delivered a large amount of creative materials, including banners, ads, and app store images.

    • 📋 Resources we created: Tone of voice, style and writing guidelines, as well as key brand messages

    • 🔎 Methods we used: Journey mapping, user stories, user needs, content mining

    • 🔊 Key channels we worked on: Website, app, email

    • Main touchpoints we designed: Onboarding, user profiles, documentation upload, questionnaires, data validation, real-time calculations, confirmation and error messages, notifications and alerts, tooltips and support systems, payments, chat


🔗 Taxfix


2021 - 2023


Finance, App, Startup


Content design, UX writing, Content marketing, Copywriting, Graphic design

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