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The Sheetgo website, platform and blog are shown on a computer, showcasing key UX writing and content design elements.
  • Sheetgo is a SaaS startup company with a global presence offering spreadsheet-based automation solutions. They hired us to write a series of product guides for their blog, and thanks to the quality and impact we delivered, our collaboration scaled up to quickly become their sole content team. Working directly under the organisation, we brought on board our different experts to be in charge of both product and marketing needs, collaborating with other teams, including customer service, sales, and management.

  • 👉 Strategy, product, and website

    • We built a comprehensive content style guide, established a strong brand voice, and created the key brand messages to align with industry needs and business objectives.

    • We studied the users' needs and optimised the product journey, refining the information architecture and content taxonomy by applying proper logic and consistency.

    • We crafted in-product narratives, designing data-driven content and microcopy, including the onboarding, new features, error messages and alerts.

    • We managed the website revamp to align with the new content strategy, designing wireframes and creating strategic content, including use cases and pricing, to boost conversions, product understanding, and brand awareness. 

    👉 Support and marketing channels

    • We created TOTF and BOTF SEO-focused articles and product guides, establishing the blog as a content hub via link building. We increased brand authority, rankings and conversions, turning readers into qualified leads.

    • We created newsletters and segmented email campaigns on a regular basis to offer support, build loyalty, and boost sales.

    • We designed product profiles on external platforms such as ProductHunt, as well as social media content and tutorial scripts to increase awareness and sales.

    • We enhanced the chatbot by improving its tone and conversational flow to reduce users’ time-to-value and support costs and increase user satisfaction.

  • ⤴ Brand awareness and sales

    Our efforts toward the new app updates led to Sheetgo being chosen as 1 of 12 Recommended for Google Workspace apps for 2022 and 2023. Sheetgo’s client base grew around 15%, with add-on downloads growing 0.5+ million in just a few months after the new launch.

    💸 Investment and expansion

    Our efforts in strategy and app updates also led to Sheetgo securing a $2 million investment from Bewater Funds to grow its customer base. Sheetgo recently absorbed GoLayer, also a client of ours, to expand its product offer and user base. Our effort in transforming the SaaS with such a high amount of quality traffic played a big part in this process.


🔗 Sheetgo


2021 - 2023


Automation, Spreadsheets, Productivity, SaaS, Startup


Content strategy, Content design, UX writing, Content marketing, Copywriting, Technical writing

“ Working with Bob's is a real pleasure. From the start, the team showed genuine enthusiasm to get started on our project. I am also constantly surprised by their eye for detail, they really want to make sure they understand every assignment, and only finishes a job when they and we are 100% happy with it. ”

Valentine Schelstraete

Product Manager at Sheetgo

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