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Screenshots from the internal ARiA data portal show user-friendly instructions on how to carry out data analytics.
  • Our partner, SEIDOR, hired us to be part of their team and manage the content for their collaboration with their end client, Repsol.

    SEIDOR’s collaboration with Repsol on the ARiA Data Portal project was part of a strategic initiative to enhance internal data accessibility for employees. Our engagement spanned from content strategy to the active management and publication of diverse content types, translating complex data into engaging, user-friendly content. The focus was on creating a seamless and engaging experience for Repsol's employees, aligning with their objectives and ensuring consistency across channels.  

  • 👉 Strategic Content Planning

    • We began with an in-depth analysis of the project, objectives, and user profiles. This allowed us to define a consistent tone of voice and communication style through a bilingual content style guide.

    • We worked closely with the different stakeholders to get the portal ready for launch, improving the user experience with a content-first approach.

    • We defined content structures inside the CMS and created an internal content strategy defining what would be published, and when.

    👉 Content Writing in Spanish and English

    • We crafted strategic content for the portal, including UX writing and microcopy, ensuring frictionless user navigation and interaction throughout the journey.

    • We generated corporate copywriting with consistency in tone and style across various internal communication channels.

    👉 Content Management

    • We published and managed content in Adobe Experience Manager

    • We analysed metrics for data-driven decision-making and regularly updated content based on performance insights

  • 📋 Resources we created: Tone of voice, style, and writing guidelines. User and admin guides, articles, and documentation. Email and newsletter templates. Official reports and data collections.

    🔎 Methods we used: Qualitative and quantitative content audits, journey mapping, user needs.

    🔊 Key channels we worked on: Aria Data Portal, Adobe Experience Manager, Newsletters and emails.








Internal communication, CMS management, Corporate content strategy, Technical writing

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