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Screenshots of various frames of the health app, including the signup page, onboarding messages, notifications and tooltips.
  • Our partner, HiExperience, hired us as the content designers for their end client, Pronokal. The project consisted of the design of the new app, offering personal recipes and nutritional advice, coaching, treatments and activities to promote their renowned weight-loss method.

  • Strategic content, including UX writing and microcopy in Spanish, for the entire journey of the new app. We worked in sprints with a project manager and a product designer, influencing the wireframing with a content-first approach and ensuring a frictionless journey for the end-users.

    • 📋 Resources we created: Tone of voice and narrative guidelines, and key brand messages

    • 🔎 Methods we used: Journey mapping, user stories, user needs, empathy map, content mining

    • 🔊 Key channels we worked on: Pronokal Connect App

    • Main touchpoints we designed: Signup/sing in, onboarding, questionnaire for personalisation, food and weight tracking, meal planning and recipes, progress tracking, health tips and educational content, notifications and reminders, achievements and rewards, support, forms, error messages, tooltips






Health, App


Content design, UX writing

" Working with the Bob's team makes a difference in the final outcome of the digital product. They know very well how to communicate with the different users in each phase of the journey, and to reinforce business objectives, accompany the user experience, all without compromising the design of the interface. "

Laura García Muñoz

Head of Project Management & Product Strategist at HiExperience

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