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Screenshots of Mango’s e-commerce site showcasing product pages and the journey mapping of the online checkout process.
  • Our founder, Clara, was personally hired by Everis as their content partner to support the internal team at Mango. As a Senior Content Designer, she was embedded in their team to take care of a specific project that would temporarily turn the renowned e-commerce into a multi-brand marketplace to explore new business areas through other high-volume brands. This affected multiple touchpoints throughout the journey, and the outcome of the project was an additional source of organic traffic, income, and profitability, creating diversified demand.

    • Embedded in the team from ideation to launch as the sole UX writer working hand in hand with a UX designer, product owner, developers, and other stakeholders, covering different touchpoints within the journey.

    • Participated in jam sessions, journey mapping, user stories and user needs, content mining, empathy mapping, and other user experience methods to gather qualitative and quantitative data.

    • Designed strategic content, including UX writing and microcopy.

    • Followed the process of ideate, draft, and refine. Ran content critiques, brainstorm sessions, and internal testing.

    • Conducted rounds of user testing with the research team through interviews and focus groups with real users, analysing and implementing the data.

    • Coordinated the localisation process and managed translations in the CMS. Wrote content in Spanish as the base language and localised it into English.

    • Documented and reported to the head of the team.

    • 📋 Resources we created: Project documentation

    • 🔎 Methods we used: Journey mapping, user stories, user needs, content mining, user testing

    • 🔊 Key channels we worked on: Website, app, transactional emails, chatbot

    • Main touchpoints we designed: Product page, shopping cart, checkout, pricing, returns, loyalty, help page


🔗 Mango


2021 - 6 months


Fashion, E-commerce


Content design, UX writing

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