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Desktop and mobile mockups of spreadsheet-related blog articles and step-by-step guides combining technical writing with SEO.
  • Layer is a SaaS startup from Berlin offering an automation tool that uses spreadsheets as its foundation to help automate small, repetitive tasks and avoid manual errors. After seeing the blog content we were producing for Sheetgo, Layer hired us to take care of their blog, writing a large number of high-level articles and product guides, turning it into a valuable content hub. In August 2023, Layer was acquired by the very same client, Sheetgo, and although they absorbed the Layer SaaS as part of their own, they maintained the blog thanks to the quality traffic we generated.

    • We created a research system, templates, and checklists to boost our internal productivity and speed while maintaining the utmost quality.

    • We created internal writing guidelines through audits and sessions with Layer, ensuring consistency in tone, structure, and formatting.

    • We produced over 300 high-performing articles and guides for Layer in just 1.5 years, combining SEO, usability, neurolinguistics, and other technical best practices as part of our writing process. We produced up to 10 high-quality articles per week, focusing on readability, actionable insights, and strong CTAs that generate qualified leads. 

    • By prioritising informative and persuasive content, SEO, and robust link-building, we turned Layer’s blog into a content hub, sky-rocketing domain authority, SERP positioning and organic traffic.

    • We transformed complex and technical insights into pragmatic, easy-to-understand guides that significantly reduced bounce rates and maximised engagement. 

  • We completely transformed the Layer blog’s overall ranking and authority, with 146 of our articles positioning top 10 in Google and 12 articles in the top 1 positioning. Layer now has an organic traffic of 10.5k users every single month.

    Our impact on Layer’s content has directly influenced their acquisition by Sheetgo, who were specifically interested in their traffic and user base.



2022 - 2023


Automation, Productivity, Spreadsheets, Startup, SaaS


Content marketing, Content writing, Technical writing

" One of the main goals of the project was to translate complex tech into valuable and easy-to-understand guides in a short amount of time, taking into account things like scalability and timeless relevance. We created custom resources such as checklists and templates to make the content process as smooth as possible. And once I truly mastered the tool and and all its different use cases, and we implemented a solid workflow, each sprint was smooth sailing! "

María del Olmo Bañuelos

Project Technical Writer at Bob's

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