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Mockups of the FROGED blog page on mobile and desktop showcasing technical how-to guides, trending content, and SEO.
  • FROGED is a SaaS platform designed to provide companies with the support and tools needed to optimise the customer experience of their products. After noticing the work we delivered for Sheetgo, they asked us to take over their blog, delivering high-performing articles on a weekly basis to improve their domain authority. Our team was made up of writers, proofreaders, and the content lead, and we worked closely with their team on a weekly basis.

    • We maximised FROGED discoverability and authority by producing and publishing a large volume of SEO-optimised articles and guides on a weekly basis.

    • Through an in-depth audit of FROGED’s blog, we created internal writing guidelines that would ensure stable consistency in tone, style, and quality across their entire blog. 

    • We achieved significant content scaling for FROGED in just 9 months, producing 130+ user-friendly and actionable article guides, driving sign-ups for FROGED's free product demo and generating highly-qualified leads.

    • We leveraged link-building strategies to transform the FROGED blog into a central content hub, employing SEO to ensure that their domain ranked highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    • We gave support to improve specific areas of the FROGED's website, including an online glossary.

    • We wrote and designed a series of downloadable resources including e-books to enhance the potential for lead generation with value-focused educational content and visual aids.

  • 👀 Higher outreach and discoverability

    During our collaboration, FROGED reached an average of 76k monthly visitors to its website thanks to our focus on SEO-optimised, useful, and valuable articles and guides. 

    ↗ Improved rankings

    We scaled FROGED’s content output by 5x, boosting their ranking on SERPs and turning their blog into a holistic content hub. Our SEO efforts has led to 60% of visitors finding the website and blog articles through organic searches.



2022 - 2023


Productivity, Customer service, Automation, SaaS, Startup


Content marketing, Copywriting, Technical writing

" We worked closely with the FROGED team to ensure their expectations were met throughout the entire project. Apart from delivering high-performing articles on a weekly basis, we implemented an efficient workflow, a dedicated communication channel, content checklists, and a project management system between our team and theirs to ensure everything flowed smoothly and swiftly. "

Holly Jane Meikle

Project Content Manager at Bob's

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