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Screenshots from the CyberConvoy landing page, including powerful headlines, product descriptions, and persuasive CTAs.
  • MUBIEN is a long-term partner of ours and has regularly hired us as the content team for different projects. For this project, they brought us on board to provide strategic content for the creation of a new landing page and a full corporate website for their end-client CyberConvoy — a US-based cybersecurity company offering innovative technology solutions to protect clients from cyber threats.

  • ☝ Step 1: Landing page

    • Through an extensive content audit of CyberConvoys's existing presence, we elevated the brand, voice, establishing a robust content standard for all future content. 

    • We worked on the landing page as a temporary strategy while the full website was being built to increase brand awareness and turn new audiences into highly qualified leads.

    • We focused on educating users about CyberConvoys' services, mission, and benefits, balancing optimal UX with marketing best practices to create an engaging and informative landing page that piqued user interest in the upcoming website.

    ✌ Step 2: New corporate website

    • Working closely with Mubien's design team from the start, we contributed to simplifying wireframe structures for frictionless navigation by delivering concise, value-focused content design to further optimise the user experience. 

    • We designed concise and persuasive content for an engaging and informative platform, instilling trust, educating visitors, and compelling them to take action.

    • We strategically crafted creative and powerful headlines, descriptions, and CTAs, seamlessly integrating them into a captivating storytelling narrative to not only reinforce the brand's strong voice, but also to further develop and enhance its distinctive personality.

  • 📣 New lead generation

    Cyberconvoy's landing page was strategically created to generate new qualified leads, while offering a sneak peek to the new identity, as a strategic stepping stone while the new website was being built. 

    🚀 Brand awareness and growth

    The new corporate website now effectively aligns with their business goals, conveying their real value and standing as a permanent channel for sustained growth. The distinct brand identity allows them to better stand out from the increasing competition while connecting it with a larger audience. Overall, the website now serves as a robust platform for continuous expansion and engagement.







Content design, UX writing

" Working with Bob's Agency for our copywriting needs was an absolute pleasure. Their team of professionals took the time to understand our projects and delivered outstanding copy that perfectly captured the message and resonated with the target audience. Their attention to detail, versatility in writing styles, and timely delivery made the collaboration seamless and productive. We highly recommend Bob's Agency to anyone seeking top-notch copywriting services. "

Victor Mubien

Partner and Studio Manager at MUBIEN

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