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Screenshots of key user touchpoints within the Creand online banking platform and the content design of key product and service pages.
  • VMYL&R (formerly King E Client) hired us as their content partners for one of their end clients Creand - former Crèdit Andorrà - transforming the bank's online experience.

    We were brought on board as the content design managers to coordinate the content workflow on a strategic level. We worked in sprints with their internal content writers, establishing a streamlined process of drafting, writing, and proofreading within the wireframes, and finally iterating and managing feedback with the end client.

    • Ensured consistency and coherence of content across all touchpoints in the customer journey through thorough proofreading and content QA

    • Provided guidance to the internal team on content best practices and principles

    • Collaborated closely with designers to integrate content seamlessly into the user experience

    • Coordinated the feedback process with the end client to iterate and optimise content effectiveness

    • Documented deliverables and progress

  • We implemented a set of guidelines, checklists, and other resources that allowed us to ensure consistency and quality across all customer touchpoints, and manage hundreds of pages efficiently. The collaborative and streamlined workflow we implemented contributed to a close and efficient collaboration between the team and the end client.


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Content strategy, Content design, Content management

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