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Desktop and mobile mockups of Bezoya’s e-commerce, demonstrating the user journey, new product pages, and key microcopy.
  • We were hired by design agency Berepublic to become their content partner for one of their high-end clients: Pascual Group - a renowned Spanish company with a range of more than 200 products, 6 plants, 26 offices, and more than 2,200 employees. This specific project consisted of incorporating a new product into the journey of the existing subscription e-commerce for the renowned water provider: Bezoya Directo.

  • We were brought on board from the start, working hand in hand with the designer to understand the different touchpoints in the customer journey that were impacted by this new product. We then created new strategic content for each of those touchpoints as part of the existing architecture, spanning from the Home page to the product page, until checkout. We worked collaboratively in sprints, directly in Figma, as well as in the prototyping tool InVision for an efficient feedback process with the end client. At the end of the project, we created a content spreadsheet for the final deliverable for easy content management and CMS upload.

    • 📋 Resources we created: Content spreadsheet for easy upload

    • 🔎 Methods we used: Journey mapping, user stories, user needs, empathy map, content mining

    • 🔊 Key channels we worked on: E-commerce

    • Main touchpoints we designed: Home, product pages, shopping cart, checkout, subscription, help, confirmation and thank you pages, error messages and alerts





Food and beverages, E-commerce


Content design, UX writing

“ Bob's team worked very well within our team, being very communicative, open, and participative with the different roles involved. The results of the deliverables have been of quality, very comprehensive, and the creative touch they have given to the copywriting has been of a very high level, we are very happy with the result. The creation of the Excel by pages has been very useful for the final delivery of the contents to the development team. Communication with the client has been very correct and they have conveyed a lot of trust. In addition, they have been flexible with the work and the deliveries, which we appreciate.”

Anna Vicent

Project Manager from BeRepublic

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