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Mobile mockups of the Bank of Valletta website and banking app, including product pages, FAQs, and key UI components.
  • VMYL&R (formerly King E Client) hired us as their content partners for one of their high-demand clients, Bank of Valletta (BOV) - the leading financial services provider in Malta, Europe. We became part of their larger team of product experts working hand-in-hand with UX/UI designers, product owners, and developers to establish the content governance and craft all new consistent, concise, and compelling content for the online platform revamp. This was a large project that consisted of multiple stakeholders and hundreds of pages of content, all to be delivered in just 3 months.

  • 👉 Content governance

    • We conducted an in-depth content audit, spotting inconsistencies in tone of voice and feature naming, and pain points in the user journey. We created user stories and user needs, and conducted user research to understand the different personas and their language through content mining and empathy mapping.

    • We developed a comprehensive content strategy, including writing guidelines, a glossary of terms, and content patterns. We integrated it in the design system and shared with stakeholders to ensure consistency and clarity in all BOV's future content.

    • We established an efficient content workflow, centralising everything in Figma from the start to increase collaboration with other team members, reduce timings, streamline the feedback process, and maximise the satisfaction of the end client.

    • We applied an agile approach with iterative sprints, prioritising a content-first perspective to influence design elements such as taxonomy, hierarchy, and structure. 

    👉 Product content design

    • We crafted strategic content for over 500 product screens, meticulously curating concise, clear, and compelling language to navigate the users through the entire journey with clarity and ease.

    • We blended inspirational, educational, and engaging narratives to drive brand awareness, client acquisition, and guide users through the different product features and functionalities.

    • We implemented collaborative practices, such as pair writing sessions, content critiques, weekly jam sessions, and a streamlined proofreading process, to ensure consistent and high-quality content design throughout the project.

    • We created the microcopy for various touchpoints, including navigation labels, accounts, forms, transaction flows, alerts and notifications, support, legal documents, error messages, security messages, onboarding, user settings and preferences, geolocalisation and location services.

  • ✨ Brand consistency

    Our comprehensive content strategy and style guide implementation have fostered consistent brand storytelling for BOV across its web platform, also serving as a solid reference for all future content. This resulted in a positively perceived and more unified brand, forging stronger connections with its users.

    🧠 Product understanding

    The product revamp resulted in a seamless and intuitive journey, reducing confusion and frustration throughout and leading to improved customer satisfaction. We contributed to a better understanding of the online banking experience and all its products, features, and functionalities.


Bank of Valletta


2022 - 2023




Content strategy, Content design, UX writing

" With a large scope and short deadline, we worked on 500+ screens in 10 sprints at about 50+ screens per sprint, and approximetly 63 products, 28 services, 6 tools, 16 CTAs. It was very fast paced but thanks to the efficient and collaborative workflow we implemented from the start, we were able to power through each sprint successfully. It was a total pleasure to work closely with the VMLYR team and deliver such a huge, nation-wide project! "

Clara Masip Baugh

Project Content Design Lead at Bob's

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