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A sequence of screenshots from the allWomen website, landing pages, newsletters, emails and social media paid ads.
  • allWomen is a Barcelona-based tech academy with one of the largest female tech communities in the world, offering a range of formal training and courses created by women, for women. They hired us to integrate into their team as their content partner to provide high-performing content on an ongoing basis at a pivotal moment of brand new course launches and new strategies.

  • 👉 Foundations and product

    • We have established and implemented a cohesive brand voice and writing style across multiple channels, ensuring consistency, proper logic, and scalability, increasing brand loyalty and expanding the community.

    • We created the content for the website revamp, all the way from establishing the information architecture to compelling narratives and data-driven content that generates brand awareness and converts new users into paying customers.

    • We created the content for the syllabus and other downloadable materials to expand the website experience. We contribute to naming new products and services that become memorable to the users to ensure scalability and understanding.

    👉 Content marketing

    • We create goal-specific landing pages around new campaigns, product launches, and discounts to strategically increase sign-ups, purchases, and overall growth.

    • We craft B2C and B2B newsletters on a weekly basis to build brand loyalty and engage users.

    • We create segmented email campaigns, design nurturing email sequences, create social media content, and paid ad campaigns to grow brand awareness, drive conversions, and expand audience reach.

  • ⤴ Engagement and conversions

    In just a few months, we have increased weekly emails by 49.5% and increased average open rate to 41% (3% more than before). AllWomen’s newsletter has an average CTR of 4.4%, with the most-opened newsletter having a huge 21.4% CTR.

    🔥 Traffic and usability

    The new website sees more than 3.3k unique visitors every month, 1.5k from organic search. The new website boosted user engagement and course enrolments thanks to refined descriptions, a streamlined navigation and improved interactions throughout the journey.



2023 - 2024 (Ongoing)


Education, E-learning, Community, Women


Content marketing, Copywriting, Content design, UX writing

“ We have been working with Bob's Agency for over a year and the embed with our internal team has been frictionless. The output for all the content and ux writing they develop for our digital products and our brand is 100% on point, from a product and marketing perspective. They caught it real quick and they are always very reliable when delivering. Not only that, the team at Bob's Agency has the ability to deliver new and creative content every time, avoiding repetition, basic or simplistic approaches to what we do and offer to our clients. We are more than happy working with them! ”

Laura Fernández

CEO and Co-Founder of allWomen

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