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Turning camels into online channels

As children, we were always told stories with a moral that would help us learn important lessons for the future; never give up, don’t tell lies, be grateful for what you have. These stories have passed from generation to generation, but as we have gotten older, they seem to fade from our memories...

What we don’t realise is that these stories can teach us valuable lessons in our careers - we just have to adapt the context. So, here is a classic story that can teach us a valuable lesson in the digital marketing industry.

The baby camel and mother - a classic story with a lot of meaning to remind us of a valuable lesson…

One day, a camel and her baby were chatting. The baby asked, “Mum, why do we have these big humps on our backs?” The mother replied, “Our humps are very important for us because they store lots of water so that we can survive in the desert”.

“Oh”, said the baby, “and why do we have these strange round feet?” “Because they give us the power to move around in the sand so we can walk more comfortably in the desert.”

“Aha. But how come our eyelashes are sooooo long?”

“They act like special covers for our eyes to protect them from all the desert dust”, replied the mother camel.

The baby camel thought for a while and finally said “So if we have humps to store water for desert journeys, rounded hooves to keep us comfortable when we walk in the desert, and long eyelashes to protect us from desert sand… What are we doing in a zoo?

The mother was immensely dumbfounded.

Moral: Your strengths, skills and knowledge are useless if you are not in the right place.

In other words, create a unique content strategy specific to your goals to capture the attention of your target users, and use an effective marketing strategy for optimal positioning in the right online channels! Or else, those great products, services and ideas you have will go to waste.

Keep your eyes peeled 👀 for our very own ‘cheat sheet’ on content and marketing strategies for specific industries, to ensure your products and services are thriving!

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