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Turning love on-hold into love online: how to write the perfect dating profile bio!

In the past year, real-life socialising has been put on hold. Throughout the time of the coronavirus pandemic, the online world has become our real world, where we can communicate freely with others with no risk posed. But what has that meant for dating?

In the past year alone, the number of global dating app users has increased by 20 million. The online world has not stopped the single population from communicating with one another! Apps such as Badoo, Tinder and Bumble have witnessed a 20% increase in users since the pandemic hit.

With Valentine’s Day just gone and the pandemic continuing into 2021, it’s the prime time to create an online dating profile. However, it can be a little daunting to try and sum yourself up in just 300-500 characters. That’s why we have created our very own super-easy guide on writing the perfect dating profile bio, so that you can make the most of the online dating game!

STEP ONE: Before you get started, ask yourself the right questions

Trying to write your bio without really thinking about what your aim, focus or approach is will be difficult indeed. It sounds like a daunting task to uncover what you want your bio to be about, but by answering the following questions, you can figure out what you truly want, making the writing process so much easier

What am I looking for?

If I could define myself in three words, what would they be?

When am I happiest?

Do I live to work or work to live?

What are my hobbies?

What do I think is especially unique about me?

STEP TWO: Get a different perspective

Now that you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to get your friends involved. Why? Chances are, you’ve probably not identified some great characteristics that are integral to your personality because you are simply too humble! Ask them how they’d describe you - you can even use the above questions. Once you have these answers, compare it to your own, and see whether they are similar, or whether they add something you had previously overlooked. Often, we are a little harsh on ourselves, so getting your friends involved ensures that you’re being true to yourself.

Note: At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone else, so if you have two conflicting answers, always go with your own!

STEP THREE: Get straight to the point

Now you know exactly what you want to say, you need to say it as clearly and precisely as possible. The character limit is already short, but you want to be even shorter. Whether you do this using two or three sentences or list a load of adjectives describing yourself is up to you, as long as you feel the delivery reflects your personality as much as the words themselves.

STEP FOUR: Don’t hold yourself back

Don’t try to people please. Write truthfully and accurately - if people don’t like it then that’s half of your job done! Be as weird and wonderful as possible; those who react well to it are the ones that are most compatible with you. If you know exactly what type of person you want, then state it very clearly… there is no point wasting any time by being vague!

STEP FIVE: Give them a little push!

It’s one thing matching with someone on an app, but it’s another having to go straight into a conversation with one another. You can help move the conversation along by adding a simple question to your bio that is important for you to know. For example, “what does your perfect day look like?”, or “describe yourself using the title of a movie”. These can help break the ice straight away, as well as creating extra intrigue for your prospective matches!

Dating apps have become a particularly great way to connect with more people. But remember to have fun! Don’t take it too seriously - you can always edit or rewrite your bio whenever you feel like it isn’t working for you anymore.

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