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Celeritas is a startup under the Coverys Group as a specialist insurance and reinsurance broker. As a new project, they needed an entire digital presence that would help them enter the market, generate business, stand out from competitors and engage with their target audience.


We designed a corporate identity that reflects the mother company in order to maintain coherence and consistency across the board; a comprehensive content strategy that defines the claim, tone of voice and style guide to ensure quality and consistency around the brand; a full-service web design and web development including custom animations and interactive effects, that is paired with the informative and concise written content, allowing Celeritas to excel as a professional and trustworthy insurance broker across Europe. Our main focus of the product was to create a strong brand and a website with focus on UX/UI.




Full service

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Content

  • Web development



Celeritas Branding
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