Naming & branding

Revolutionising the beverage industry

Technology startup created by designers and engineers, offering an innovative autonomous drink dispenser. The naming transmits the autonomous value of the product and the logo was created torepresent the design conveying technology and innovation to captivate the user and cause intrigue.

Full-service website

Observe the future from every angle

Design, development, copywriting and SEO. We built a clean and simple one-page website to give priority to the product itself, so it dominates the design and stands out completely. We included a 360º viewer for the user to interact with it. The UX copywriting is straight to the point. Informative yet contagious and inspirational, the responsive site has been created to full fill the startup’s main objective: sales.

photo montage

An image speaks a thousand words

Creation of visuals and photo montage to put the user in situation, help them understand the dimensions and empathise with the product.